Sunday, December 9, 2012

Converting a Good Trout Stream Into an Excellent Trout Stream

Guys I wanted to share some of the good things that are happening on our tailrace below Smith Lake. There is a mile stretch that Alabama Power is making improvements on. It will give the area a Western look with all the pebbles and boulders they are adding. A lot of the water on the stretch has been diverted to create some natural looking seams, deep runs and fast water with less depth. The improvements were drawn up by the Southeastern Engineering Stream Improvement Firm. Trout Unlimited and the Riverside Fly Shop which is located on the tailrace worked closely with the Engineering group. The results have been spectacular as far as this area is concerned for trout fishing. The following images below can give you some insight into the work that has been done. All of the improvements for this area should be finished by the end of January. The work on the next two mile stretch will begin next fall below the pump station. After that completion there will a little over 3 miles of Western style trout fishing here in Jasper. Think of the revenue that can be produce for this cash striped county.
One will have much more room for the back cast now
Notice the large rocks that have been added
There is very little water that is flowing while all this work is going on.
This image was taken after they completed this area, the water was shut down the next day to start work above this area--can't wait to fish this place!!
Some of the smaller rocks that are being place in the stream bed.
Here is another area that is complete, a lot of rock broaders are being used
Finished stream that has been narrow with depth and underwater logs
Huge boulders at the edge of a deep hole with underwater logs--this should be a great area
This area use to be extremely wide and shallow; it is half the that size now
A little creek area flowing into a small pool which opens up at the other end--interesting place to fish for trout


cofisher said...

Bill, this sounds like a wonderful project that I'm sure people will enjoy. Thanks for posting this.

Bill Trussell said...

I can't wait until it is finished--the only problem is there will lots of other fishermen waiting to fish it too. Thanks for the comment

Feather Chucker said...

Where is this?

Bill Trussell said...

Hi Kevin
This tailrace is located about 8 miles northeast of Jasper Alabama. It is the tailrace flowing out of Smith Lake. The water temps stays a constant 58 to 62 degrees for at least 10 miles down the tailrace. The area that is being worked on is close to the dam. Alabama Power Company has spent over 3 million dollars on access points and stream improvement over the past year. This is only the beginning of the project; the remaining 9 miles of the tailrace will be finished in the coming years. The place will resemble a stream out West when it is finished. 3000 rainbow are released each month in the waters below the dam. The goal is to add browns and brook trout in a year or two. Thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bill, I applaud all the great work being done by the folks to manage the river and make it a rewarding trout stream. Thanks for the pictures. May we soon some posts about fishing this area.

Jay said...

Thanks for keeping me informed about our local trout fishery. It looks like AL Power does care about the angling community after all. I had no idea they were taking on such an improvement project. I would bet this will greatly improve the stream macroinvertebrate communities as well. It also looks like some of those areas will still need to be pretty low water to wade. Deep holes are great for fish, but nor so much for the wade fisherman. I'm very much looking forward to the future of our new home trout water.

Bill Trussell said...

Hi Mel
I will on the tailrace fishing as soon as the work is finished. They said today they are running behind on the improvements and it may be the middle of January. If it is really cold I may not get back on the water until February. Thanks for the comment

Jay said...

Bill, thanks for keeping me informed about our new home trout water. I had no idea Alabama Power was undertaking a project like this. Kudos to them! Apparently somebody there does care about the fishing.
It looks like it's gonna be pretty great, but some of the deeper holes still look like they might be difficult to wade. Hopefully they'll still be fishable.
I imagine these improvements will also have a major impact on improving the macroinvertebrate community and preventing some of that "scouring" that I have mentioned previously.
Keep us posted.

Bill Trussell said...
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Brk Trt said...

Great results can come from great efforts.
Well done.

Bill Trussell said...

Hi Alan
I can't wait to fish this place. I only wish I lived in the area you live to fish some of those fantastic streams. Thanks for the comment

Ty said...

Great news Bill. I'm gonna have to make it down here and fish that one day. Heard a lot about it.

Bill Trussell said...

A lot of money is being spent here to make this a great trout fishing area in the deep south--I would glad to fish it with you anytime. Thanks for the comment