Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What Would be Your Top Five Fly Patterns to Use Nationwide

After Tuesday’s outing, I was wondering on the way home; what would be the top five flies that most trout fishermen would pick to fish anywhere in the United States, regardless of the hatch? My top five would be  a mixture starting with: 
My number one choice for going down under would have to be the tungsten bead head Zebra Midge in sizes 18 and smaller.
The Pheasant Tail is my second choice in size 14 and 16, again tungsten bead head
My third fly would have to be the Griffiths Gnat, this little jewel works for me when nothing else is happening on top---size 18 and smaller
 The famous Mayfly in size 14 and 16 is an awesome dry for me on the Caney Fork in Tennessee and has also produced on the Sipsey tailrace
My last is another awesome dry pattern called the Bomber. This fly resembles the Parachute Adams, but has more hackle and stays afloat longer. This fly is tied by Alan at Small Stream Reflections, he has landed lots of brook trout with this one pattern.


Feather Chucker said...

Those are great but I'd bring a different set. Elk hair caddis, renegade, ant pattern - probably black or red. White Wooly bugger, bead head soft hackle and a CDC puff daddy.

Devin Angleberger said...

I agree on the zebra midge and pheasant tail, my other three would be a caddis-elk hair caddis, parachute adams, and a black woolybugger. From brookies to bass, I use a bugger for everything.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...PT nymph, prince nymph, GRHE nymph. White woolybugger as Kevin said and some classic Adams to round out the list.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

You never know how tough a question is until it gets asked.

Elk hair caddis #16
Black and Silver Zebra midge #18/20
Olive Bugger w/rubber legs #6
Black Foam Ant #14/16
Pheasant Tail Nymph #14 - 20

Bill Trussell said...

Kevin Frank
Renegade and the ant pattern are two patterns I have fished and both are excellent flies. Thanks for the sharing your list

Bill Trussell said...

Prince Nymph and the Adams are good choices. I feel both these flies would land trout anywhere in the U.S. Thanks for the sharing your list

Bill Trussell said...

The Zebra Midge has to be my favorite nymph. Of all the nymphs I have fished; this one has been the most effective for me. Thanks for sharing your list

cofisher said...

Bill-I'd go along with the zebra midge and bh pheasant tail, stimulator, adams and elkhair caddis.

Ty said...

Oooooh, cool question, Bill.

For trout mine are
-black or purple zebra midge
-white woolly bugger
-parachute Adams
-Griffith's gnat

Bill Trussell said...

The reason I did this post was to get some feedback on fly patterns I haven't used. The elkhair caddis is one I haven't used, I got to try it. Thanks for sharing your list

Brk Trt said...

Bill, you have some good choices there.
Here are mine. Bomber, Picket Pin, Elk Hair Caddis, Mickey Finn, BH Pheasant Tail.

Bill Trussell said...

If I had to pick my number one dry it would be the Bomber. Picket Pin and the Mickey Finn, are two I am not familiar with. Do you have an image of those patterns? Thanks for your list

Feather Chucker said...

You have never used an elk hair caddis?!!!!!!!!!! Shame shame shame.... =)

Bill Trussell said...

Kevin Frank
Elkswing Caddis Black I have used, but not the Elk Hair Caddis--I will have to try one, this is why I did this post to find flies I haven't used--thanks for telling me about Elk Hair Caddis

Sanders said...

Adams, black wooly bugger, RS2, Brassie, and a soft hackle...if I were to choose just five :-)

Bill Trussell said...

The bugger is one that will be trying for the larger trout in the slower water below the dam. thanks for sharing you list

Justin said...

San Juan Worm, CDC P-Tail, Stimulator, Cubby Chernobyl, Coffee Sparkle Minnow. Oh, and Indicators... and weight... and floatant... and Seaguar... etc.

Bill Trussell said...

San Juan Worm is one of my favorties---haven't heard of the Coffe Sparkle Minnow, have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing your list

Jay said...

Pretty much all of mine are listed somewhere above, but I don't think anyone else had my exact combination... so here goes...
Elk Hair Caddis (black or tan) size 16 or 18
BH Prince Nymph size 14 or 16
BH soft hackle size 14 or 16
BH "Rim Shoals" Zebra Midge (black with wire rib and tiny little midge flash "tail") size 18
Woolly Bugger (olive body, black hackle and tail) size 8 or 10

Steve Zakur said...

Wooley Bugger
Quigley Cripple
Parachute Adams
Pheasant Tail Nymph

Though ask me on some other day and I may change my mind. :)

Bill Trussell said...

That Zebra Midge you are referring to is the best of all the patterns in the Midge category. All the rest you have listed are excellent patterns, I have used all. Thanks for sharing your list

Bill Trussell said...

I haven't heard of the Quigley Cripple ---I will take a look at this one. Thanks for sharing your list

Unknown said...

Hard to pick 5 for the nation as you guys on the east coast have way more mayflies than we do out west but here goes.

Parachute Adams
Elk Hair Caddis
Fat Albert
BH Prince nymph
San Juan worm

The adams and elk hair caddis probably have accounted for 50% of all my fish on the dry, and the Fat Albert is simply the best hopper, cicada, stonefly imitation there is. It is basically a weapon of mass destruction on high country cutties!

Bill Trussell said...

Hi Rod up in Canada
I think the Adams and the Elk Hair will work anywhere. Glad to hear from a neighbor up North. Thanks for sharing your list

Blake Frautschi said...

BH PT 16, pink squirrel 16, zebra midge 20, wooly bugger 6, brown foam ant 14

Unknown said...

Yes!! Renegade! Praise be, a fellow Sears and Roebuck specialist. Actually, dates back to Hemingway. Dry dropper, but it's gotta be only ONE size. Ha!