Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starting my Quest to Land 100 Super Bull Bluegill

Friday was my first day in my quest to land 100 super bull bluegill in the next six weeks with the fly rod. This was the same challenge I made for myself last year and I actually made it to 85 before the tornadoes came through Alabama and shut down the electricity for two weeks.  After that happen the window to land the really big boys had past. The average big bull bluegill is over 8 ounces. These fish spend only a short period of time in shallow water, which is during the spawning period. Once the spawn is over they move back to deep water and stay there until the next spring. Sure you can still land the 5 or 6 ounce but the 8 and over are all feeding in deep water. So my goal this year is to actually accomplish this feat in a six week time period. I will post my progress as I try to move closer this year to my 100 mark. Friday was a slow day because of water temps again being in the mid 60’s. I did manage to start my quest by landing three in the 100 club. All three of these bulls were between 8 and 9 ounces. So I now have 97 to go. I will be making a couple of trips each week which should enable me to add a dozen or more each trip.
Unreal fight on the 3wt --he killed the Black Gnat
Really orange belly on this one right after I landed him, the Gnat again
This Moth was awesome for me last year early. It has an extremely light landing. These fish are so weary early in the year, so a light presentation is crucial to land the bigger bulls.
Most of the nooks in the lake were covered with pollen, which made it harder to fish on top. A lot of  the fish were just swirling under the fly and not really taking it. I lost twice as many as I landed. I did manage to bring home 10. Three were the big males and the rest were females. I broke off twice and never saw the fish, which was super frustrating. As I mention last year this lake has some of the largest  bluegill in the state. It is managed well and the caretakers takes great pride in producing super bluegills.


  1. Dang! I love it when folks post about bluegills. Those little guys have a special place in my belly . . . I mean heart.

  2. Hi Josh
    I feel a common bond here, because I know you go after the super bluegill on the fly. By the way I will trying the your foam flies tomorrow. I am hoping to be on the water for the next three days----keep you posted. Thanks for the comment

  3. Howdy Bill,
    I've just fairly recently been satisfied when weather or water flows force me to the ponds for bluegills. All I can say is how much fun it is. I can't imagine a "supergill".

  4. Hi Bill. I've made up my mind that I'm going to do some warm water fishing this summer. I'll be in touch for some of your expert advice.


  5. Mark
    The big bull bluegill on the fly is unreal---using the 3 to 4 wt. fly rod. You have got to give it a try, you will be hooked!!Thanks for the comment

  6. Howard
    The Bluegill is my second choice after trout on the fly. Thanks for the comment

  7. I might have to try a similar challenge this year. You're right about the big ones only going in shallow water for a short period of time. I think around here it is only about 3weeks. The bass harrass the and I think they get tired of gaurding their beds.

  8. You have embarked on quite a quest.
    Good luck.

  9. I told you last year when you were on your quest for (100) that if you needed any help to let me know. Guess you want to go it alone, again. Tee Hee!
    Seriously, I get the Bluegill Flu during spawning season and I just have a heck of a time getting over it.

  10. Kevin
    I have found when I make it a contest, I seem to fish a little better have more success. Thanks for the comment

  11. Hi Mel
    I wish you lived closer, because you would love this lake. It has some super size gills and I know that would be the ticket for you. I hope I make the mark this year. Thanks for the comment

  12. Brk
    This was a challenge last year and will be another one this year, but I am up for the task. Thanks for the comment

  13. the ones that break you off and you never see are the worst, they will keep you wondering. wonderful gills Bill

  14. Blake
    I don'f even want to get the fish on if I have to lose it. As you said I will always wonder, what if??? Thanks for the comment