Saturday, February 11, 2012

Great Techniques for Streamer Fishing for Big Browns and Rainbows

Guys I have to share this great video clip from the New Fly Fisher. You all know by now that the fly fishing show is my favorite. This particular clip has a bunch of techniques used for streamer fishing for big browns and rainbows. This segment is on the Platte River in Wyoming in the summer. Bill Spicer talks about equipment, line, and the type of streamers he is using. I have learned so much about fly fishing by watching his video clip segments. Whenever The New Fly Fisher puts out a new clip I am on it.  



  1. Hi Bill. Second time trying to leave a comment. My computer, not yours. Since I don't have the fishing channel, it's nice of you to share the show. Thanks.


  2. Bill, very good video choice. Great info.

    But, you know me, I am thinking Rapala time!

  3. Nice video. Streamers the big fish fly.

  4. Mark
    Glad you like the clip. I wish it would play in full screen. Thanks for the comment

  5. Blake
    Great clip and useful info on streamers. Thanks for the comment

  6. Brk
    I need to fish streamers more this year, the bigger the fly the bigger the fish. Thanks for the comment

  7. Mel
    When the water warms to 62 the Rapala is the main topwater lure. Thanks for the comment