Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fishing The Zebra Midge With an Indicator

I made a quick trip to the Sipsey River today. I had a couple of hours to fish so I started right at the walk-in area created by Alabama Power. I thought there would be some top water action, but that was not the case so after fishing an hour with a dry, I went to a size 16 Zebra Midge. I am still having trouble detecting a hit unless the indicator goes under, and lucky for me today that was the case. I managed to land one nice 12” with the indicator going south big time, awesome take. I landed two more bows less than the 12. The water was a cool 52 and with shorts on under my waders it can get cool really quick. I can’t say enough about what Alabama Power has done with this place, especially the constant flow. Our club is still working with the Power Company to add more access points and to upgrade the alarm system, so everyone will have time to leave the water when generation begins. I have learned things just don't happen overnight when working with large corporations, especially when it comes to conservation. We are trying here to get the power company to see the advantage of having a cold water fishery in Alabama.
I did talk to one fisherman today who told me he landed an 18” at daybreak on an Adams last week. He said it was in excellent shape with bright red color down it side. I am still in search mode for that size trout.  
Right after the release, and he swim off to fight another day
The 3 wt here is perfect to land this size trout. Of course I welcome a 16" or better to fight the 3wt.
I am getting better with the new camera, notice the ripples at the end of slow flow.


  1. Love those zebra midges. That's my go-to fly on these southeastern tailwaters.

  2. Hi Bill. Nice day on the water. Can't conplain about a 12 incher on a 3wt. I'm happy with a 12 incher on my 6wt. I'm back out to Rancho Seco Lake next week to give the black gnat another try. Let you know.


  3. Mark
    I am looking forward to knowing how the gnat works for you there. They are not hard to tie up. thanks for the comment

  4. Ty
    The P-adams and the z-midge are the two main flies on most all tailraces. I am looking forward to going back this Wednesday. I hope there is more action on top. Thanks for the comment

  5. The trusty zebra midge strikes again! Glad you were able to wrangle in a few trout, always fun no matter what the size!

    Great post and great photos!

  6. Sanders
    The Z-Midge is by far the king when it comes to midges. This is the one midge that has produced more trout for me than any other. Thanks for the comment

  7. love your trout posts as of recent. those tailrace fisheries look awesome. nice bow i love my 3 weight also...

  8. Blake
    The 3wt is perfect for this size trout, although there are 16's in there too. I would not mind landing one of those. Thanks for the comment