Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fishing With Jenny on Smith Lake

Fishing with my daughter yesterday brought back some fond memories of when she was in Jr. High and High School. Back then she would go with me and sometimes bring along some of her friends and we would spend the better part of the day on the lake. Yesterday's trip was an extension of those outings.  We started the morning out with me baiting her hook and placing a tiny white crappie nibblets on the point of the hook just below a big juicy cricket. That part hasn't changed because she still will not bait her hook and she isn't fond of removing the fish from the hook after she lands it. That is o.k. because I am just glad to have her back on the water with me. Jenny has always favored fishing with live bait as opposed to artificial lures. She claims she can catch more fish with live bait, and I sometimes agree with her, especially when the surface water warms to near 90 in the dead of summer.
We left the house at 5AM and fish until 9:30 and she landed most all the fish. I was kind of along as the fishing companion. The highlight of the morning was the 22" Channel Cat she landed about 30 minutes into the trip. It took her a while to get the fish to the boat because fishing with a 7 1/2 ft. microlight rod and 4 lb. test line takes time. I must say she hasn't forgotten how to play a fish that size and she knows exactly how much pressure to apply to the rod to keep the fish out of the brush and into the deep water. She also got into some of the big bluegills and a couple of the spots, to round the trip out. I was using the fly rod and landed some smaller bluegills and one spot. As I told you the morning belongs to Jenny and I was glad to be just along for the ride. I am looking forward to when she comes back and I can take my son-in-law B.T. out and he can hopefully land a nice Spotted Bass.
The big boy of the morning, Jenny told me that there was no way she was holding this thing even after landing it
I did manage to get her to hold this Spotted Bass she landed.
It want be long until this little guy will be in the boat with us


  1. Really great post, Bill. Glad to see you getting the opportunity to be on the water with your daughter. She is, apparently, quite skilled. Tell her that is some job landing that Cat on a light rod!

  2. Great post! Glad you were able to get out and fish with your daughter. Looks like she was taught well :-)

  3. Family and fishing, good stuff Bill. Hope when you get B.T. out he will bait his own hook?

  4. Mel
    Jenny has never been one to rush the catch. In other words she gets the most out of the fish she is landing. Thanks for the comment
    @ Jay
    I cherish those moments with my kids still even if they are grown.
    I wish I could fish with my kids more, but they have their own lives now and are busy with work and life in general, so when we do get to together, it is special. Thanks for the comment

  5. Blake
    B.T. is more artificial lures than live bait, so he want have a problem there, but the problem could be in me finding some quality fish for him to land. Thanks for the comment