Monday, May 30, 2011

Landing Slab Crappie on Legion Lake Fishing With my Brother

This is one Memorial Day Weekend I won't forget for some time. My brother, Bobby and I spent the holiday weekend landing some of the largest crappie we have ever landed on the local lake near his home. I know the title of this post can be a little confusing, so here is the explanation. We were using 4 different techniques to land all the fish we kept the past three days. Let’s start with the Micro Light technique. I have talked about this technique before on this blog but let me give you a little more information. It is the method we started with Friday evening on the lake, which produced 17 crappie and bluegill. The micro-light method is just what it implies LIGHT fishing, using a 7 to 7 ½ ft. rod with a light spinning reel loaded with 4 lb. test light. This method emulates a short fly rod, which makes for some fantastic action when you are playing the size crappie and bluegill we were landing. We were using both rods Friday evening with reels that produced the perfect balance for the big 12 to 13-inch crappie we were catching.
The Jigger Pole was another set-up we used. My brother has used this set-up for a number of years. He is extremely good at playing and landing crappie with this technique. I am still in the learning stages here, but I must admit it is a lot of fun learning. Here the individual uses a long graphite rod usually 9 to 13 ft. in length with a small spinning reel or close face reel. This set-up is perfect to fish in tight places such as stomps or treetops. We used this technique Saturday evening in treetops and submerged stomps we found in some of the nooks on the lake. The best lure for the Jigger is a tube jig or a minnow. The advantage one has here is holding the lure in front of the crappie longer. 
If we had not switched from one set-up to another during the days fished we would have never landed 50 fish, we did and dressed the 15 best fish we brought home. and brought home the 44 we cleaned for a big fish fry. As always it is good to visit and fish with Bobby!  


  1. Fishing is my favorite hobby i am crazy about it, I found your blog really interesting that's why i book mark it.

  2. Excellent "how to" clinic for catching crappie. Great post!

  3. Great and I are planning on going late Wednesday afternoon. I would like some crappie for the freezer. Grant and I will see you Friday.

  4. Great post, Bill. Very enjoyable with all the pictures and tips you gave. Man, I would love to fish on some of those lakes with you. Better start saving my pennies.

  5. Pond Leak
    Thanks for giving me a view, and hope you enjoy some of my upcoming trips
    Thanks for taking the time to read the post hope you check back.
    Looking forward to see you and Grant Friday. We will have lunch ready
    I am living my dream of fishing at least three times a week, you are welcome anytime to come and fish with me.