Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hanging Out With my Best Buddy

This week my wife and I spent the better part of the week staying with our daughter and grandson, while our son-in-law was on a business trip in Dallas, Texas. Jenny our daughter didn’t want to stay by herself, so Mama and I gladly accepted her invitation to spend some quality time with her and Bryson our grandson. Bryson and I spent the first day outside because this little guy is an outdoor kid. If it moves outside he wants to investigate. Of course, we spent some time down at the creek beside their house exploring the water and listening to all the birds and frogs chirping. He loves the sound of the outside and not a sound goes unnoticed by him. Our second day was spent exploring the surroundings of the local park and watching different insects crawl around in the grass. I had forgotten how little guys like Bryson like to explore, and it brought back memories of when our son was a little tot, wandering around in the back yard. I have always heard that grandchildren are different from your own children, and now that we have Bryson I know that to be true. There is nothing like Grandchildren and the best part is the spoil factor, and believe me, my wife and I are working on that aspect.
 Beautiful creek near their house
Bryson exploring, sorry for the blur, but he was moving to fast
Ready to try for the grasshopper


  1. Looks like you had a fun time with your little buddy. Are there any fish in that creek? Maybe that would be a good place to introduce him to fly fishing in a few years.

  2. awesome pics..sorry I havent been around lately..

  3. Kids and animals...hardest to photograph...harder than fish! Sounds like a great week...

  4. Hey Bill. The one thing you forgot abou the spoil factor, is that you can spoil, then send him home to Mom & Dad. That's the cool part.


  5. Jay the creek by their house has some small bluegill in it. My son-in-law has caught some small sun perch, but nothing any bigger. Bryson will learn to fish in one of the nearest ponds by our house.
    @ Jason
    Glad to see you back, thanks for the comment
    @ Mark
    Our daughter told my wife and I that we let Bryson do anything, and then she has to correct all the problems we create. I told her he is little only once.

  6. He'll be casting Boufaces before you know it! Sounds like it was a good time.

  7. The outdoors is way better then all the electronics in the world. Kudos

  8. Will
    He will be 2 in a couple of months and that will be his introduction to some bluegills. The Bouface should start around 7. Thanks for the comment
    True about the electronics, that is why I am taking him outdoors everytime we visit, and when he visits us. His Dad is big on outdoors so he will see that he spends quality time outside instead of glue to a computer and the T.V. most of the time. Thanks for the comment

  9. e.m.b.
    You are so right, it seems when I try to take a picture of Bryson, he is always facing away from the camera. That is one reson one of the pics is blured. Thanks for the comment