Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fisherman's Language

This past Saturday it rained all day, so one of my projects was to clean out our basement. While rambling through lots of trash I discovered a plaque I had used in my office at school some years ago. I discovered it is a little faded and worn, but still readable. It is called Fisherman’s Language. I can’t tell you how many comments I have had over the years about this piece of information. I am sure some of you have seen this before and for those of you who want it translated post a request in your comment. 
Fisherman Language



  1. Bill, sursagoodun!

  2. They make sense to me. Think I've had that same coversation several times.


  3. Mel
    I really don't knows what type of language this is but it can get you thinking. Thanks for the comment

  4. Mark
    I have said some of those same words too. Thanks for the comment

  5. There was one of those plaques hanging in the house I stayed in down on the gulf last summer. ...I had to 'splain it to my wife.

  6. Will
    I can't remember where I got this plaque from, but it was always interesting to me.

  7. I’m trying to find one to buy. Guess they don’t exist?

  8. Sam
    You can do the same thing I did when I first saw the language---simply type it out on word or any print program and then change the size font style and color---hope this helped you out thanks for the comment