Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fly Fishing Flies by Regions of the Country

I thought this information on flies for the different regions of the country were interesting. I have notice that a lot of the same flies would work anywhere in the country. I know I would add the bugger and the grey ghost streamer to the South Region for sure. Take a look at your region and see if the flies listed are the ones you would actually be using. In other words have these guys pretty much peg the flies for all the regions?  Check out your region


Jay said...

Look like some pretty short lists to me. I didn't see a zebra midge (or any other midges for that matter) anywhere and that would be on a lot of our lists. I wonder where they got their info.

Bill Trussell said...

The zebra midge would be at the top of the list, especially on the Caney and Clinch. One of the best zebra midge flies I have seen is here---