Friday, December 17, 2010

The Western Movie Another Passion of Mine

 I just got through watching for the second time: one of the greatest westerns ever made in my opinion. “Dances with Wolves” The weather wouldn't permit me to get out on the water today, so I opt for another one of my pastime--Western Movies----I know this has nothing to do with fishing, but just as fishing is one of my pastimes so is Western Movies.  If you guys have read my profile you will discover that I am an avid Western Movie fan. I guess I have seen hundreds in my lifetime. Not all were great, but most meet my expectations of being authentic. I guess that is why I am into the western theme. It gives one the chance to look back when life was being tuff, enduring hardships, and coping with danger. Not all western movies depict how life really was during that era. An example was the ladies in the saloons. They were not dressed to the tilt and look like they just came off the runway. According to a lot of the books describing the saloon ladies they were anything but that. A lot of pictures showed them to be rugged looking. So the high dollar sporting girl the cowboy got usually turned out to be a low dollar. I like movies that are realistic and the western movie really depicts that theme. My top ten westerns of all time are-------

Dances with Wolves

Lonesome Dove



The Shootist

The Outlaw Josey Wales

True Grit

Once Upon Time in the West

Open Range

The Searchers

Any of you bloggers into Western Movies if so, what are some of your favorites?


texasflyfisher said...

I'm a big John Wayne fan but among his Westerns I have to say I like him best in "The Searchers". That movie has some real deep acting by Wayne. His feelings of hatred, revenge and conflict really come across. It is without a doubt one of my favorite westerns. I could watch it repeatedly.

I also like "Hondo", "True Grit", "Rio Bravo", "The Comancheros", "Big Jake" and of course "The Shootist".

Of the films that Wayne is not in, I like these (in no particular order).

* The Outlaw Josey Wales
* Duel in the Sun
* Pale Rider
* High Plains Drifter
* High Noon
* The Magnificent Seven

On this last one, I would recommend watching Akira Takasaki's "Seven Samurai" which is what "The Magnificent Seven" was based on. It is an old Japanese movie with English subtitles but it is excellently made and though around three hours long, the great story will grab you.

There are many other westerns I have seen and like but these are the ones I can think of for now.

Bill Trussell said...

Gald to know someone eles is into the Western like me. I have to say I have seen all the westerns you listed and like all as much as you did. The Searchers has to be one of the best movies of John Wayne, and I think this movie is what establised him as a western legend. I will get Akira Takasaki's "Seven Samurai and watch it during the holidays, I am always ready to view a western I havn't seen---Have a great Christmas--- Thanks for the comment

Michael Agneta said...

I go with the Man With No Name trilogy.

A Fistful of Dollars
For A Few Dollars More
The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Kinda interested in the remake of True Grit coming out as well.

BTW - the Google word verification for this comment was "horses". Kinda coincidental, don't ya think?

Bill Trussell said...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was the best of the three. I read where he hated smoking the cigar in all of those early westerns. The only problem with the remakes of westerns is the viewer sometimes tries to compare the remake with the original. I am looking forward to seeing the new version of True Grit. I liked the remake of 310 to Yuma better than the original. Thanks for the comment

Mark Kautz said...

Morning Bill. I've seen all the movies mentioned at least a couple of times (and that's being modest), but my all time favorite cowboy movie is "Quigley Down Under". I'd have to say that I've seen that movie 15 or 20 times. I'm a huge cowboy movie fan.


Bill Trussell said...

I agree Quigley Down Under is another one of those westerns that you just can't get enough of. I wish there were more westerns being made now days, but the movie industry knows that the ticket sales will slump if they don’t make movies that attract the young audience; and most the time that is the horror, bloody, supernatural, and dirty language. As for the language I am not against a cuss word or two in a movie but to fill most of the dialogue with dirty language is not my kind of movie. Most all the westerns I have mentioned and the one you have mentioned is pretty much void of dirty language. I must be getting old or I just know a good movie when I see one. Thanks for the comment

texasflyfisher said...

Hi Bill,

Oops! I erred in my first post! The director of "Seven Samurai" is Akira Kurosawa. That other Akira I mentioned is a guitar player. Doh!

BTW, I am watching "Chisum" right now. I love the AMC channel.

Merry Christmas!

Bill Trussell said...

I really like AMC they have some great movies along with some really good westerns. You can also watch some good westerns on Encore Westerns. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas

Hopper Juan said...


Dances with Wolves is my favorite. For what ever reason, it hits every emotion and is just an awesome movie. Glad it's your favorite.


Bill Trussell said...

This movie is the only western that really depicts the real personality of the Native Americans. It also shows how the Indian really lived and their true customs. This is why it is my all time favorite western. I wish Kevin Costner would do a return to Dances with Wolves, showing how he coped with life after he left the Sioux. Thanks for the comment

BKill said...

The remake of True Grit is very, very good.

Bill Trussell said...

I agree the remake of True Grit is a great western. As I watched it I kept trying to compare the charaters in this movie with the original. All worked for me except the girl who played Kim Darby. Glad to see you are a western buff. Thanks for the comment