Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Do Trout Really Eat???

  A very short lesson today in Entomology featuring some of the bugs we see every time we make it out to our local stream. I was really impressed with the information in this 8 minute video. It shows you how to match your flies to the different bugs one finds under those rocks at the bottom of the stream you may be fishing. I for one don’t take the time to inspect the rocks in the streams to see what the trout are really feeding on. I do notice the hatch but I don’t  the brother with the rocks, which could be very beneficial, when it comes to selecting the right fly to tie on. This video is only one in a series of great videos that include fishing the wooly bugger, and many more helpful videos in this series--Check out the video on what trout eat and see what you think.


Ben said...

Nice video, its good to be reminded of the basics. I used to turn over rocks quite a bit but after a few years fly fishing I started getting a little lazy I guess. A few things I have never done but always intended to do was 1) Sift the drift with a seine net and 2) Buy a stomach pump. Turning over rocks is simple though and gives a lot of info about the river and what the trout are feasting on. This probably becomes even more important for new waters or waters you have not visited for a season.

Bill Trussell said...

I actually learn more from these videos than I do from reading. I am one of those show me guys. Thanks for the comment