Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 Piece Versus 4 Piece Fly Rods

I have a question for all you bloggers out there today. I would like your opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of having a 2 piece fly rod versus a 4 piece design, all other things equal. Improved pack ability is definitely a plus in a 4 piece design. A 9 ft. rod that only breaks down into two pieces means the tube will be 4.5 ft. long. So do fishermen find improved performance in a 2 piece rod as opposed to a 4 piece? Or do fly rod companies only make the 2 piece, rods because they are slightly cheaper to manufacture?


Michael Agneta said...

The thought is that anytime there is a break in the rod blank, you dampen sensitivity to the hand. Since trout can be delicate eaters, that can be a pretty significant factor when it comes to detecting bites.

That said, I own a few 2-piece fly rods, as well as a 7-piece travel fly rod.

My simple advice if you are considering a purchase of one over the other, take your budget into account.

If you are going to buy a rod that's less than $300, it really doesn't matter. If 4-pc is more convenient for where you want to take the rod to go fishing, go that route. If you're going to budget $500+ on a rod, go with the 2-piece. If you're going to spend that much, you might as well get the best of breed experience.

That's my two cents.

Bigerrfish said...

I have to aggree with Troutrageous, on the budget.
As for the rest...
These days it doesnt matter, as far as how it casts and the sensitivity.
How ever it matters to the angler a great deal. Some feel each joint is a loss of action or a weak spot, All of my reasearch and experience shows that with advances in technology, and robot tested, a two piece will fish just like a four. They have this stuff figured out pretty well, or we would be making our own rods and tying bugs. It doesn't matter. and thats my two.

I have to add that I really respect the questions you ask around here..

A Math teacher told back in high school, "There are no, dumb questins, just dumb asses not willing to ask questions"
Bottom line Bill we all learn a little from the things you post. keep it up.

Bill Trussell said...

I have a couple 4 pc. rods and a 2 pc. rod and I really like the feel of the two pc. I am thinking of selling one of my 4 pc. and going with another 2 pc. simply because of the smoothness and feel. Thanks for the comment.

Bill Trussell said...

I agree the 4 pc and the 2 pc now days are perfected to the point that the angler is the only one that can tell the difference. I have talk to individuals who say that there seems to be stiffness at the ferrule connections in the 4 pc rods. This may be the case in your lower end rods. Again I would have to say it is the anglers own personal choice. I do tend to lean towards the 2 pc not because of the packing capability, but because I just seem to get a better feel. If I am going to travel some distance then my 4 pc. makes more sense.

Thanks for the comment about the question. I feel that this blog is not only a sharing experience but a learning experience for me and others. It is bloggers like yourself that I have learned from since I joined the blog circuit. Thanks for the advice and comment.

FishnDave said...

In fly rods, have 2 pc rods, 4 pc rods, and 5 pc rods.
I personally haven't found much difference in feel/sensitivity due to the number of rod sections. In fact, the 5 pc rods probably have the best feel to them.
Its a different story with spinning rods, especially when vertical jigging. But with fly rods and the style of fly fishing I do most, I usually detect the take visually via movement of my line, rather than feeling it in the rod.
Therefore, if given a choice, I will go with a 4pc rod, since it is often very nice to have a rod that packs small.

Bill Trussell said...

Four pc. rods are extremely easy to transport, making it the perfect rod for me if I am travling. I like the two pc. for sensitively. Of course everyone has their choice. That is why we all have the luxury to choose. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I have had a 3 piece rod come apart on me while fishing.

It might have been my fault for not twisting when inserting.

Da Dinger

Bill Trussell said...

Thanks Andy for the input and I will take your advice when I purchase another fly rod. I own both 4 pc and 2 pc. and I really like the two pc. for the action. Thanks for the comment

flyfshrgrl said...

If I could catch all the fishes I wanted without having to fly anywhere, I would only own two piece rods. My husband and I build all our rods, and in the building, you can tell what you lose by having multiple pieces.

Unfortunately, 9/11's fall-out makes traveling with a two piece rod a hassle, so most of my rods are four piece rods. However, when I am working on attempting to set an IGFA record, I put up with the hassle and take my two piece rod; it's just that much more sensitive. Do a side-by-side casting comparison in each of the flexes, and you will see a noticeable difference. I love my two-piece until I have to travel.

Jestep said...

I currently use a Cabelas Stowaway 6 as my go to rod, over a $500+ Sage, yes a Cabelas and believe me I never though I'd ever even own a Cabelas rod. I don't care as much for the Stoway 7 or 5, they are good and have better reel seats, but the 6 is a superb rod. My observation at this point is that the rod blank and construction quality is so good, that it doesn't really matter how many pieces it is. Multi piece rods are far easier to transport. And seriously, we all get a little too picky sometimes when it comes to nitpicking about a rod. At this point I would rather have 3 - $150 rods than a single $500+ rod and I've played with very high end rods from most good brands.

Bill Trussell said...

I am pretty much in your lane when it comes to fly rods. Give me the 150.00 version over a real expensive rod. I own 3 fly rods between 150.00 and 250.00 and they are perfect for my type fishing. As for the 2 pc verses the 4 pc. I own both and either will work fine for me. I do like the 4 pc for traveling. Thanks for the comment

dr. st. croix said...

I have owned 2 four piece rods and 2 two piece rods and I really can tell the difference in fly movement, sensitivity, and also casting. Trust me I would love to have not noticed as I take fishing trips on my motorcycle and have to haul my two piece

dr. st. croix said...

I have owned 2 four piece rods and 2 two piece rods and if I said I can't tell the difference I would be lying. Notice a difference in fly movement, sensitivity, and also casting. I wish I couldn't notice a difference as I take many of my fishing trips on my motorcycle

Unknown said...

I fish with both 2 piece and 4 piece fly rods. There is a casting technique I use when casting against the wind that will not work with the 4 piece rod: the velocity of the forward stroke is increased and carried lower. With a two piece rod I feel an extra power surge between 10 and 9 o'clock that shoots the line forward, lower to the water and straight line thereby over coming the wind resistance. With a 4 piece rod I cannot get that last surge I've described. I contribute this difference to the 4 pieces top two sections not flexing in the same manner my two piece rods do.