Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Great Day on The Caney Fork

I fished the Caney Fork yesterday and had a decent day. I started out at the dam where the water was a cool 50 degree with the morning mist coming off the surface. It was a relief to get in the water after suiting up on the hot pavement near the ramp. The humidity in Tennessee this time of the year is high and going to get worst as the summer progresses. I was using my 3 wt Temple Fork which made for a great fight with the rainbow I landed. I managed to land 5 before lunch. They were not the trophy size I was hoping to connect with but they were a lot of fun on the 3 wt. The Zebra Midge was the fly of the day dropped off of a size 14 Adams. Only one hit came on the Adams. I have found over the span of fishing the Caney you meet some of the nicest fly fishermen and ladies. I met a guy yesterday who was leaving just as I was walking back to my truck. He had caught some of his trout using a 1/64 oz. trout magnet jig, white of all colors with a tiny gold head. He told me he was using a 7 ½ ft. microlight rod with a 4 lb. test line. I told him I have used the micro rods for years and knew all about fishing the microlights. He said the microlight was like using the fly rod with just a slight variation in technique. We parted with me getting a sample of the trout magnet and lots of information I would have never got if I had not come in contact with another friendly individual on the beautiful Caney Fork
 A 3 Wt. Special

One with the 5Wt.


Bill Bush said...

Terrific pictures! You must have had some fun. Bill

Bill Trussell said...

There was very little dry action, although I saw some rising, I was never able to figure out what the magic dry was. No one was landing anything larger than 12". I talk to numbers of fisherman and got the same answer "slow". It was a great day to be out and on the water for me, even it was slow.

Tyler Legg said...

Looks like an excellent day on the Caney! Nice fish!

Bill Trussell said...

Anytime I can get on the Caney, it's a great fishing trip for me. I don't have to catch a lot of trout just the fact that I am fishing such a beautiful river is enough for me.