Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Questions on Leaders and Tippets Sizes

There are so many leader brands out there now that it is a wonder a fly fisherman knows which one to use. I personally like to use a 5X –9 ½ ft. when I am on the streams fishing for trout. When I am on the lake fishing for the gills and Kentucky Spots I like a 6X—7 ½ ft. but on crystal clear Smith Lake I like the longer leader with the 9 ½ ft. length. I usually like to use a tippet when my leader length has wasted a couple of feet. I have learned that I can make a leader last for numbers of trips if I keep a check on the length and know when to add tippet, to achieve the desire length. Leaders can be quite expensive and when one is on fix income you need to watch every penny that is spent. One of my buddies finishes off leaders faster than the wind changing directions. I am curious as to what type of leader do you guys used, and when is time to add the tippet? Do you enterchange tippet and leader sizes? Why would it be necessary to consider mismatching leader and tippet size? What is your take on some of the questions I have put out there today?


Shoreman said...

Hi Bill. Sorry for the late reply. I've been having computer meltdown. Maybe Santa will bring me a new laptop for Christmas.
OK, leaders. I use a 9' 6x on my floating line rod with 6x & 5x tippett. I tend to occasionally snap off flys with 6x. That's why the 5x.
With my rod and intermediate sinking line, I use either a 7.5 or a 9' 4x with 4x and sometimes
3x tippett. I've had trout break the 4x. I use the tippett because I switch flies quite a bit. Saves the leader.


Bill Trussell said...

I learn when I started trout fishing that I needed to use a tippett, to help save my leaders. I agree if you are a fly fisherman who changes flies a lot then you need to be using a tippett.

Troutdawg said...

I change flies like no other so I change up tippet a ton, as to not waste all that Flouro, I use an Orvis tray fly box to keep all my flies sectioned and also save my tippet

Bill Trussell said...

I could not agree more I change flies a lot and started using a longer tippet just because I tie on so many flies. Thanks for the comment

troutrageous1 said...

I use a weight appropriate Streamside furled leader...yes even on my fly rod...with a tippet ring. The furled leaders are 5.5 feet long and cast beautifully and are very durable. Only a few bucks and not something you really need to replace more than once a year.

With the tippet ring you just tie on the appropriate tippet length and keep on fishing away. I like small streams so I use 6x Frog Hair tippet, but have gone up to 5x or 4x when needed.

Check out this site:

Bill Trussell said...

I have to try the furled leader, because of what you have said about the lasting power. Thanks for the link and I am going to order a couple and give it a try. Thanks for the commnet