Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Little Exploring

Cathey and I decided to take a little trip last week looking for warmer weather in Florida. We made numerous stops along the way at antique shops, flea markets and a fishing-knife museum on our way to Epcot at Disney World. The fishing-knife museum was a hidden gem off interstate 10 near Tallahassee. This place had the largest selection of Case knives in the U.S.

This was our second trip to Disney World our first was visiting Magic Kingdom when our children were young; that visit 30 years ago was for the children, this trip this past week was for Mom and Dad.
What can I say about Epcot, which is a museum within itself; the LandPavilion for us was the most interesting, the food production research being conducted in this Pavilion was amazing. We spent hours in this one place. I’m sure some of you have made a visit to the Land Pavilion, but for those who have not it is worth the trip to tour the facilities and the rest of the Epcot Park.
Most all these lures were wooden
Huge collection of vintage outboard motors
My grandson would have love this collection
Old cypress canoe, excellent condition
Vintage Fly Reels

Just a small part of the case collection--leather handle and bone handle case knives


Mel - Fly Tyin' Times said...

That sure seems like a lot to take in, Bill, in a short period of time. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. The Wife and I did the Epcot Center back in the late 1990's. I would imagine it may have changed a lot since we were there.

Howard Levett said...

I visited in the 80s and it's all a blur right now. It was like visiting the Smithsonian. Too much to absorb in a short period of time but every bit as fascinating.

Josh said...

The motors would've been intersting enough. And I love pocket knives. My wife and I also enjoy hitting the flea markets while on vacation or road trips. We went to Disney World a few years ago.

Justin said...

Great post Bill! I need to get out and explore more! I'm new to this area (Columbus, OH) so I definitely have new places to check out.

Brk Trt said...

Looks like you both had a fine trip.
That canoe is beautiful.

Bill Trussell said...

We were told by Epcot staff members they add new attractions every year, so Mel you might want to consider a trip back soon. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

One really needs a couple of days to see everything Epcot has to offer---as I told Mel, Howard it might be a good time to make another Epcot trip. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

I was impressed with all the outboard motors, especially the old Wizard Motors; I've always been interested in Case knives, lots of stuff in this one place. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Good to check out all the history in Ohio, and of course all the fishing waters there as well. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Good to get away on a good road trip every once in while and this one meet all our expectations. Thanks for the comment