Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crappie Fishing With Powerbait Nibbles

I made a trip to Mississippi on Tuesday for some crappie fishing on the new restructured Legion Lake. This is the same lake that was practically consumed by lilly pads and coontail moss last year. This is my brother’s home lake where he fishes for crappie this time of year. Conditions were not the best considering the cold front that had passed through the day before I arrived. One can expect cold fronts, windy conditions, and bluebird skies in the month of March and this trip had all those conditions.
The reward for the trip was this nice catch using the following tube jigs loaded with nibbles. There were some nice slabs here.
This image is the beginning to a step by step guide in rigging and fishing tube jigs for slab crappie. To be successful at crappie fishing one needs to use crappie nibbles by PowerBait.The nibbles can be tipped on the hook point or infused into the tube for better results. If the nibbles is tipped on the end of the hook the crappie can inhale it with ever touching the hook. With the infused method the fish must inhale the tube jig to get to the nibbles resulting in a better catch ratio. The following images shows how to infuse the nibbles into the jig.
  With these injectors one can add the nibbles and a couple of drops of PowerBait attractant in the injector and merely inject the nibbles into the opening in the tube itself. The following image show how this is accomplished.
Crappie is attracted to scent, and these little nibbles are loaded with scent, not to mention the slim film that they produce when moved through the water. With the injection method the fish has to take the jig in its mouth to get to the nibbles. One merely injects the soft nibbles into the tube jig as show in the image.
This color combo has proved to be the most successful in the spring. Chartreuse is always a winner in the early spring. Note all these tubes would be infused with the nibbles.
Color combos are really affected in the summer months. It seems the louder the colors the better results one can achieve. Note: the nibbles are inside the tube with the slim film trailing from the tube as it moves through the water column
Fall is the time of the year when crappie can be extremely spooky and one needs to select colors that is much more subtle. These colors are your best choice this time of the year.
During the winter months dark colors seemed to work best, especially in the crawfish color. When fishing for crappie color plays an important part in determining weather or not one gets the hit. Using these different colors shown above for each season gives you a distant advantage.
Closed faced spincast reels with 11 ft. jigger poles rigged with 6 lb. test line are your best combos when Spider Fishing, because of the reach one can achieve with this type pole.
By brother sitting in his boat with 8 jigger poles set up ready for action---remember all the tube jigs tied on the end of the lines here will have the infused crappie nibbetts in them--
Think of the amount of water one can cover when Spider Fishing

An image of what this lake look like this past summer before reconstruction took place this year, notice the moss pads in the distance and all the growth around the edges
This is what the area looks like today, one can actually fish from the bank again
One can actually fish the levee now. All the cedar trees that once lined the levee are now lying in the water, which creates a tremendous attractor area for bait fish.

I feel I have pretty much covered everything one would need to know to be successful at Spider Fishing; but I left one item for last and by no mean the least important, which is the pee jar. Many times one just doesn’t have the time to make it to the  bank to pee when landing lots of crappie. So the pee jar fits the bill in that it not only helps to relieve you but at the same time keeps you from falling out of the boat on windy days----

My brother takes credit for the discovery of this gadget!!!





Kevin Frank said...

Crappie are really fun. You have crappie and pee in the same post. Congrats! =)

Bill Trussell said...

Crappie fishing is fun especially using the Spider rigs---the pee jar has to be part of it!

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

A little hard to use a pee jar in a float tube. Shoot me an email and let me know where you get those little injector goodies.

Ricky Anderson said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Nice post.

Bill Trussell said...

It is because you are always looking for the tips of those rods to bend, meaning a hit. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

Hi Mark
The injectors can be bought at Fred's for a 1.00. You will need to buy two or three for the different color nibbles you will be injecting. Mark this works to perfection, I don't see why it would not produce on some of the lakes you fish out that way. thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

This lake was covered around the edge and the back of the lake was covered with lilly pads. The revamping of this lake was amazing. thanks for the comment

Howard said...

Hi Bill. I'm learning a lot about bluegill and crappie and pee bottles...thanks!

Bill Trussell said...

We are reversing roles here with me learning trout fishing from you, the rewards of blogging. thanks for the comment

Casey Ryan said...

crappie are some good eating :)

Bill Trussell said...

My favorite fish to eat. Thanks for the comment