Friday, March 30, 2018

Another Productive Day on the Sip!!

Believe me when I tell you guys that today’s visit to the Sipsey was special not only for the trout catch, but to meet these two young fly fishermen. They were headed down the tailrace to fish the really deep sections. I hope they had success, it please me to see the youngsters with fly rod in hand.
My first cast and my first trout that was to be one of many that I would touch on a cloudy overcast day. The two hour trip consisted of casting nymphs early and closing out the trip with the Gnat. Sorry guys for the bad image; I'm a work in progress when it comes to camera work.
One of the things I love about this place besides landing the trout are all the handy rock stools. They are positioned up and down the gouge for; let’s say the “seasoned fly fisherman.”
Overcast skies, a slight breeze out of the west and a huge rain front in the forecast for Thursday morning told me to wet a fly on the Sipsey today.  


Howard Levett said...

Hi Bill! I guess everyone must be out fishing huh? Great to hear you're back home on the Sip. Ya gotta love when someone leaves you a place to sit down and catch your breath!

Bill Trussell said...

At our age a rock, stump or the clean bank is a luxury when you've been standing for some time. Hope you make it to Clear Creek soon. thanks for the comment

Brk Trt said...

Bill, I agree that the fact you saw two young men taking an interest in fly fishing a welcome sight.
We do need more of this.
Glad you had a productive day all around.

Kevin Frank said...

Nice work on the Sip!

Bill Trussell said...

Those youngsters were the first I've seen using a fly rod on the Sipsey in years; they told me they were on Spring Break. Thanks for the comment

Bill Trussell said...

We all have days on the water when things seem to go just right, Wednesday was that day. Hope you make it out on the water soon. Thanks for the comment

Walt Franklin said...

The youth of America with a fly rod; a Sipsy rainbow on a nymph; and hope springs eternal!

Bill Trussell said...

Glad to see the young taking an interest in fly fishing---thanks for the comment