Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fishing Trips From This Past Year

I have just added a slideshow of some of my fishing trips from this past year. One of the photos is of my daughter who has become quite a bream fisher lady at catching large bream on the fly rod. My son-in-law is seen clowning around with a small Kentucky Spot he landed using a size 14 black gnat. He got quite a play from this feisty bass that is like landing a smallmouth. My brother is showing off one of many crappies he and I caught last month from a lake in Mississippi. We caught all the crappie that day off of the Bill Dance Porcupine Attractors, which we had planted a month earlier. Believe me these things really work. My son-in-law and I had a great trip this past September on the Caney Fork in Northeast Tennessee. That afternoon we landed over 20 browns and rainbow. They were not the biggest in the river but it was a lot of fun just to be out on the water and hook up with some beautiful trout. I always look forward to fishing the Caney Fork.

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